Screw me, asshole!!

I thought you were the one i could have lived my whole life with but i was wrong!

Shit, i was really wrong!

What i’ve loved of you all these years long was the way you used to make love to me.

Every night you slided into my bed and touched me as there wouldn’t have been no tomorrow.

Your hands were so silky and your lips were so smooth.

You went up and down my body and possessed me so deeply i couldn’t resist you.

I still remember the day with met… I was just a girl who didn’t know what sex was and you were a boy who had already experienced with a lot of women.

We were at a party in a country house. We secluded into a tool shed and you wasted no time.

I felt your fingers exploring my depth and your mouth licking my nipples through my bra.

“Make me happy” you whispered into my ear.

“How?” i asked.

You roughly laughed and asked “are you a virgin?”

“Yes” i answered, blushing for shame.

You pushed me down so i was on my knees and you showed and you said “do it!”

For the first time in my life i had something big and hard into my mouth. My head went back and forth until i had your tasty juice as a gift…

You became gentle with me and you picked me up and put me on an old table where we cuddled in the silence.

There was a few moon light sparkling through the window so i could see your beautiful face.

All at once, you said “i’m ready!” and your body was on mine, moving up and down.

I screamed for pleasure of that lust.

And now, years later, you, the bastard, married with another woman, are coming here to hear “screw me, asshole”.

You know i like it.

But no, this time i’ll say goodbye; i’ll set myself free from this pain…breasts-1008881_960_720




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