Words by Cassie De Mill ©2016


© 2016 (su gentile concessione)

I can’t start another day
lying to you again
I can’t deny what I feel inside
nothing worth if you are not there.
This make me feel so confused,
but you made me feel use.
Don’t tell you love me no more
I can see it in your eyes that
this love you can’t deny.
So when I lied with you
I feel so guilty
for don’t tell you the truth.
There’s nothing more
that I can do
to be forgive by you.
There is no way to go back
I hear your voice to say
“Go away and don’t look back”
but all I’ve done
all I said it too
was cause I don’t wanna hurting you.
No mercy in your heart
I know I failed you
but please let me to stay,
let me to explain.
In this world
there is no saints
there is no devils
there are just two of us
that are falling apart.
I don’t say it’s not my fault
I deserve all your bad words
but try to understand
I had no choice before
and I’ll give everything to
come back and make it work
because for who love like us
all can be passed.
I wanna feel the heat
of your arms around me,
the sweet kiss of your lips
that can make good all the bad in a day
your touch on my skin
all the thrill witheen.
I just want to have back
all we had before
and this time I don’t loose you again
cause I learn so well that
we are the only thing
who matter in this world.



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